With 120 employees and total sales of 15 Million €, Wellcom has established its position as a leading Public Relations Agency that is able to support companies and organizations of all sizes, addressing all of their challenges and issues to do with image, reputation and influence, both in France and abroad. To support its business, the agency has focused on consulting, data, PR and influencers. This wide range of services has convinced a large portfolio of loyal customers from all national or international areas, quoted on the French stock market (CAC40), or local authorities or charities, for example Total, Engie, Adidas, Google, Nivea, Logitec and Randstad. The agency really counts on continuing and strengthening this success and vision in the years to come.

The entrepreneurial ambition carried by Thierry Wellhoff has always been a human adventure based on values of commitment. It also is very natural that he would wish to pass the torch to Philippe Lucas, who has been working alongside him for over 20 years, to ensure the dynamic initiated. Wellcom is also active in forecasting and planning when companies undergo structural changes. After having invested in corporate values for almost 10 years, the team have been thinking about the significance and transformation of meaning in communication for several years now through L'Observatoire du Sens (Wellcom Meaning Observatory).

Philippe Lucas has been appointed Chairman-Managing Director of Wellcom as part of an MBO (Management Buy Out). The operation was led by DDA & Company and has allowed him to take control of the group. Crédit Mutuel Equity is supporting equity reorganization as minority core shareholder. A debt raised with the banks CIC and BNP Paribas completes the financing of this operation. Philippe Lucas is also backed by a team of associate directors who each have a complementary consulting and operational expertise. Thierry Wellhoff also still has equity interest and will support the transition until 2021, which is the agency's 40th anniversary.

"I would like to thank Thierry Wellhoff for allowing us to continue the Wellcom adventure, and Crédit Mutuel Equity for supporting us in doing so. The agency is a great example of coordinating the different areas of communication and uniting collaborators with different backgrounds. For us, there are no more barriers between brands and influencers, or between internal and external communication, and there is no longer any difference between consumer and citizen. Our approach consists of a total comprehension of the issues and ability to deal with them", explains Philippe Lucas.

"We have been convinced by Wellcom's growth path (organic and acquisition-led), by the quality of its expertise dedicated to diverse and loyal customers, as well as its vision of the profession", explains Franck Thouroude, Senior Principal at Crédit Mutuel Equity. "We are delighted, by way of this operation, to contribute to a capital transfer and to work alongside the management team led by Philippe Lucas. He is focused on strengthening the agency's position on brands and influencers, and is supported by those agile and expert qualities that have made such a success of Wellcom", adds Jean-Marie Giannettini, Principal at Crédit Mutuel Equity.

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