The Recycleurs Bretons is a multi-specialist group which provides expertise and solutions for companies, public bodies and private individuals. Its business is operated out of 8 industrial sites, mainly in Finistère, North-west Brittany, and organized into three areas of competency: waste collection, sorting and recovery of secondary raw materials, purchasing and negotiating ferrous scrap, and degassing, decommissioning and dismantling for shipping and industry. This last business sector is the result of regrouping its traditional occupations in dismantling for industry and shipping with its subsidiary Alzeo Environnement, in order to set up the Navaleo brand. This new entity has positioned the group as an approved European benchmark for degassing, dismantling and recycling naval vessels, while strengthening its leadership in the region.

"On the one hand, the funds raised will allow us to strengthen our development capability in this new business, notably by structuring the subsidiary using capacity investment - a mooring area in Brest port for ships at the end of their useful life (recreational craft, high tonnage military and merchant vessels). And, on the other hand, by recruiting complementary profiles to enhance the management team", explains Pierre Rolland, MD. "With the support of our financial partner, the company has reached a new level and is aiming to show turnover of 40 million euros within three years".

"The aim of this capital increase operation is to work alongside the Managing Director on his expansion project by financing structural investment while strengthening the balance sheet, so that he can optimize the financing and guarantees necessary for his business. External growth operations aimed at territorial coverage are also being considered", explains Gaspard de Longeaux, Principal at Crédit Mutuel Equity.


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Caroline Pasquet
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Les Recycleurs Bretons

Pierre Rolland


Bank: CIC (Aurélien Quemere)

Lead consultant: Fidal (Pascal Bertevas)

Investment consultancy: CVS (Olivier Greffard)

Tax, social and insurance DD: CVS (Nicolas Palos, Laurence Tardivel, Alban Pousset-Bougere)

Financial DD: Grant Thornton (Stéphane Bougreau, Olivier Calvez, Yoann Henry)

Regulatory DD: Organce-Calix (Patrick Barbotte-Domalain, Sophie Lemarchand)

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