The group is committed to maintaining a strong regional identity. It has five Audi dealerships: three in Bordeaux (Artigues, Mérignac, La Teste) and two in Montpellier, and six Volkswagen dealerships: three in Toulouse and three in Montpellier.

DBF Automobiles' success stems partly from its innovative approach to digital and the internet, along with its adoption of CRM technology, in order to become more agile and enhance performance for the benefit of its customers and staff. It was an early adopter of technologies that provide a better understanding of its customers, using a comprehensive database in which all interactions between customers and its departments are stored. This commercial resource is used to support digital sales initiatives. In addition, the group makes extensive use of social media and the internet to identify and win new customers.

Crédit Mutuel Equity's arrival as a financial partner with a minority equity stake will enable François Désarmeaux to continue implementing digital marketing techniques with a strong operational focus, and online sales of new and used vehicles already make up 20% of the group's total. It will also give DBF Automobiles a more secure foundation as its sector develops, with the arrival of marketplaces, data management and the rise of electric vehicles, of which the first models are arriving in early 2019. The group will remain alert to new acquisition opportunities with a view to increasing its regional coverage.


Crédit Mutuel Equity

Alexandre Joubert


Eve Basse-Cathalinat

Managing director

DBF Automobiles

François Désarmeaux, Chairman



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Cards Avocats: Jean-François Carré

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CP&A: Mathieu Ciron, Liana Sabadus

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