Founded in 2005, Bretagne Télécom is a local operator specialising in telecommunications and cloud services that helps companies to outsource their IT systems. The company offers IT directors bespoke very high-speed networking solutions, private networks, hosted IP telephony (VoIP - Centrex) and private and hybrid cloud services.

Thanks to its effective infrastructures and high-quality services, Bretagne Télécom has successfully managed ongoing and rapid growth over the last 13 years. In 2018, the company confirmed its momentum with revenue growth of 20% and the recruitment of 20 employees.

"Our acquisitions strategy will enable us to cover all of France, particularly the Paris region, and capitalise on our investment efforts in infrastructures and certified technical teams. This is the next chapter in our story, with the desire to confirm our past progress and deliver long-term growth", comments Nicolas Boittin, Chairman and CEO of Bretagne Télécom. We remain loyal to our values of local presence and listening, and naturally wanted our shareholders to be regional operators. Furthermore, the flexible investment terms and trust established through our discussions convinced us that we have chosen the right investors.

Future acquisitions should enable Bretagne Télécom to reinforce its expertise and skills, as well as enlarge its client portfolio and geographical coverage. It is also an opportunity to consolidate its technical resources and make the most of its human capital.

"Our plan will bring the number of employees to more than 150 between now and the end of 2020, in addition to the planned recruitment of 30 new employees to accompany our growth", states Jean-Jacques Huneault, Chief Financial Officer.

"Having had the opportunity to work with Nicolas Boittin when Bretagne Télécom was emerging as a start-up, and then being impressed by his choices and agility when he had to change the company and its model, we were enthusiastic about this opportunity to work on putting together a new round of financing. It is therefore with conviction and pleasure that we have come up with an arrangement that meets the expectations and ambitions of Bretagne Télécom", explains Anthony Hillion, Investment Director at Crédit Mutuel Equity.

"Having been shareholders of the Bretagne Télécom group since 2015, we wanted to continue on this adventure with Nicolas Boittin and his staff, with the desire to change scale in a very fast-growing market segment. We are delighted to continue with this partnership over the long term where telephony and IT convergence offers real added value for clients", comments Alain Fakhoury, Investment Director at Bpifrance.


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