Maison Gabriel Boudier was founded in 1874 in Dijon as a maker of "crème de cassis de Dijon" and other liqueurs. In 1936, Marcel Battault acquired Maison Gabriel Boudier, and it has remained in the Battault family's hands ever since.

Over its 140-year history, Gabriel Boudier has become an exceptional company in several respects: it is the only significant independent producer of "crème de cassis de Dijon", it makes high-quality products using production processes that preserve the full quality of the fruit, it boasts certified quality at all stages of the production process, it has won a large number of awards in numerous countries, and its expertise and know-how are acknowledged by consumers, experts and industry specialists.

Today, the company makes more than 70 products under its Gabriel Boudier brand, including "crème de cassis de Dijon", 40 varieties of liqueurs, saffron gin and other spirits. It sells its products worldwide and is developing strategic partnerships with major spirits groups, playing an active role in designing, launching and producing part of their product ranges. It also uses its expertise to develop recipes for companies in the flavourings industry.

Gabriel Boudier "crème de cassis de Dijon" is the company's flagship product, and has historically acted as an ambassador for its whole product range. It is renowned for being one of the best cassis liqueurs on the market. It has won many awards, including ISC's Supreme Champion Spirit award for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014. "Our current strategy is to reposition our whole range as premium products, capitalising on our core values such as excellence, quality and know-how. We want to step up our development, and our priorities are to continue growing our export business, build our presence in the French café, hotel and restaurant market and expand our industrial partnerships with companies in the spirits and flavourings sectors," explained François Battault, Chairman of the Management Board. "This transformative transaction with Crédit Mutuel Equity (formerly CM-CIC Investissement) will enable us to maintain our independence and confidently enter a new phase of development, particularly outside France. Crédit Mutuel Equity gives us know-how, expert advice and support without interference," said Yves Battault, Chairman of Holding Battault Frères.

"We are proud to be working alongside François Battault and Yves Battault in writing a new chapter in the Gabriel Boudier story, and to be involved in developing a company with so many strengths: authenticity due to its long history, its unusual high-end market position, the quality of its management and staff, and its acknowledged capacity for innovation," explained Laurent Sallet, Principal at Crédit Mutuel Equity. "The strategy of repositioning the range as premium products is enabling Gabriel Boudier to take full advantage of positive sector trends, such as people drinking less but buying higher-quality products and the growing popularity of cocktails based on increasingly diverse and innovative liqueurs. Gabriel Boudier has everything it needs to make the most of the market's growth potential, particularly in international markets," said Michel Chaboissier, Principal at Crédit Mutuel Equity


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