Jérôme Elias

How did ETD Consultation come about?

Jérôme Elias:I'm a dental surgeon, and I worked as a consultant to manufacturers in the dental sector for 12 years, alongside my activities

as a practitioner and lecturer at Nancy University. In particular, as a consultant I worked on the development of new products and applications, with the aim of bringing them to market quickly. One of my main motivations was to make it easier for most of the population to access high-level care. I wanted to do more in that area, so I created ETD Consultation in 2013.

What are your main areas of activity today?

J.E.:Our business is to help the various parts of the dental profession improve their processes and gain access to the best technology. By doing that, they can cut costs and raise care levels. This requires organisational advice, help with recruitment and training, but also specialist ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software or access to a purchasing centre. Our main client in this area is Dentifree which, with its 13 care centres, is the leading non-mutual network in France. We also work closely with certain manufacturers to develop applied digital solutions in the implant segment.

What are your main areas of future development?

J.E.: We are focusing heavily on the development of e-health, which is still in its infancy in dental surgery. We are working on mobile applications to help practitioners make decisions, enabling them to optimise the work they do through prior assessment of risk factors. For that purpose, we have mapped data collected from hundreds of patients. We have also made great progress in the 3D design of surgical guides, which help make surgery as safe as possible. However, our most ambitious developments are in 3D printing. In partnership with leading players in the additive manufacturing sector, such as Prodways, we are now capable of producing implants and crowns with materials such as PEEKTON, which has until now been used mainly in the aerospace industry. The big advantage of these products is that they contain no metal and are biocompatible.

What do you get from your partnership with Crédit Mutuel Equity?

J.E.: As well as the vital stability provided by an investor that is committed over the long term, it gives us access to a whole ecosystem. Their close links with the mutual health insurance sector.

  • 14100 patients
    supported since September 2014
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  • 3.7m
    of revenue in 2016